Change your life

Let me tell you my story

Hi. How are you? I would like to tell you a bit about my experience. I always dreamed of studying nursing, unfortunately that did not happen. When I was 11 years old, I had to stop studying and go to work. During this time, I met a man who sexually exploited me, beat me, humiliated me and insulted me. After I left him some time passed and I met the father of my children, who turned out to be the same, I separated from him and I stayed with my children. My life has not been easy, but El Pozo de Vida offered me a different opportunity with a salary and a fixed schedule. I am learning many new things and  I am in a process of emotional healing with the help of professional people. I invite you to change your life and look at it in another way, if you want to you can achieve whatever you want.

Fiund love

My work is a dream come true

Some time ago my life changed. I had difficult moments; I was fragile and helpless, I was 7 years old when I started working and every month I was paid 300 pesos. I went through hard, dark moments without any help. Now my life has changed. My work is a dream come true where I found love, light, peace and more dreams to fulfill. Thanks to the project and El Pozo de Vida.

how i'm happy

My role in life is different

Before turning fifteen my boyfriend took me to Mexico City. When I was going to return to see my mom, I took a taxi and the taxi driver was a pimp who did not let me buy my bus ticket. He took me with him and for 15 days he sent me to work in the streets, beat me and demanded more money. I worked for him for a while, then I left him and went back to my mom. Not long after I returned,  my mom got sick and died. After this I got together with another man who also betrayed me, lied to me and forced me to go back to work in prostitution. Now I am happy for the change of work that God granted me. Thanks to God and El Pozo de Vida, my life has changed. I have learned to work and the most beautiful thing for me is that I no longer have to wear makeup, miniskirts and heels to work. I have learned many beautiful things and my role in life is different.

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